Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Next Luzerne County Commissioner

Does anybody really believe in the farce at the courthouse that is being perpetrated today? I sure as hell don't and I'll tell you why. I am a boss and I have literally interviewed hundreds of potential employees. I know how long a job interview takes. Even when hiring an unskilled position it takes more than a few minutes. Why do I bring this up? Because our judges are going to interview over 60 people today for the open commissioner slot. They started at 10:00 this morning. If they only spend 10 minutes with each candidate, they will need over 10 hours just for the interviews. That assumes no breaks, no lunch, no hitches. What time do you think they will announce they have voted on and selected the "new" commissioner??

What a complete crock of shit!!!!


Anonymous said...

Three teams of two judges gave each candidate 3 or 4 minutes and then selected a replacement with no hands on experience, Cooney is expected to wave a magic wand and come up with a solution in 8 days and he has never worked on a government budget. I'm told that several of the expected finalist didn't even got a second interview. Were this guys in robes serious or just going through the motions? I'm sickened by the entire farce.

NEPAConservative said...

We are finally reaping what we have sown. The best part for me was they said they needed to pick the best qualified Democrat for the position. What ever happened to the most qualified person? The system worked! NOT.

Anonymous said...

NEPAC..... the LAW states the replacement is to come from the same Party. Now that you understand, be brave, read the resumes on line and then tell us who you think is/was the best qualified.