Friday, November 6, 2009

Some Great Election News

First District Republican Committee-Press Release
PO Box 182
Hazleton, PA 18201
Contact: Sean Shamany, First District Chairman (570-233-1516)

First District Republican Chairman States Election Results Indicate “Major GOP Comeback” in Southern Luzerne County

Hazleton, PA-November 5, 2009- The First District Republican Chairman Sean Shamany is very impressed with the overall effort to get out the vote in the Tuesday’s General election. Republicans and like-minded Democrats in Southern Luzerne turned out at the polls to overwhelmingly support Republican candidates.

Shamany stated, “The GOP is on the rise in Southern Luzerne County and these results clearly show that voters will elect Republicans in the First District, even with the disadvantage to Democrats in registered voters. Many people in Southern Luzerne County are conservative in their views and want less government interference in their lives, lower taxes and sound fiscal responsibility. These results clearly show qualified Republicans can be elected in Democratic leaning counties, cities and municipalities.”

Some major accomplishments in the First District were:

In the city of Hazleton, Republicans Jim Perry and Karin Cabell were elected to office defeating a Democratic incumbent on Tuesday. When Jim and Karin take office, the city of Hazleton will have a Republican majority on council with four sitting GOP council members and a very popular Republican Mayor in Lou Barletta! Chairman Shamany stated, “This will be the first time in recent history that a Republican majority will control Hazleton City Council.”

In West Hazleton Borough, Republican First District Committee Member Frank Schmidt was elected as Mayor, replacing a Democrat in that office.

In Freeland, the borough council will return to a Republican majority, with the election of Republicans Robert J Quinn, Daniel Bobby, and Joseph Palko.

In Butler Township, Republican Committee Member Brian Kisenwether was elected Supervisor by a large majority of voters.

In county races, Southern Luzerne voters handily supported the Republican candidates across the ballot. Attorney Richard Hughes garnered more votes than both Democrats, Amesbury and Gartley, in every single municipality in the First District, despite the heavy Democrat registration figures. While Hughes lost the race due to results in the Northern part of the county, he dominated the votes everywhere in Southern Luzerne. Clearly Democrats in Southern Luzerne felt Hughes’ credentials and experience made him most qualified for the job. Along with Richard Hughes, Southern Luzerne county voters agreed to retain Republican Thomas Burke by a large margin. Other winners in the First District were Republican Walter Griffith for Controller, Republican Carolee Medico Olenginski for Prothnotary, Republican Gina Nevenglosky for Register of Wills and Republican Frank Semanski for Jury Commissioner.

Shamany believes “Now more then ever the First District Republican Party is energized and I encourage all registered Republicans to join our cause!”

The First District Republican Committee meets the last Wednesday of each month on the 2nd Floor above Mea’s Restaurant, Broad Street, Hazleton and meetings are open to all interested parties. Due to the holidays, the next meeting is 7PM, December 2nd . If anyone wishes to provide financial support to the continued Republican efforts in District 1, checks can be made out to: First District Republican Committee and mailed to PO Box 182 Hazleton, PA 18201

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