Monday, November 2, 2009

Tomorrow is Election Day

I am hoping voter turnout is high but doubt it will be. Even with all the scandals involving elected and appointed democrats, I am betting it won't be. The funny things is, that even with all that is going on, many people will either stay home or vote as they have in the past. I truly believe that if we had a two party system in Luzerne county, much of what has gone on for so long would've stopped. Keep voting straight dem Luzerne County and we'll continue to be a sad mockery for the rest of the nation to sneer at.

With that said, I am hoping people will turn out to vote and to vote for real change. The only change I don't want to see is Judge Burke's retention. He has been an excellent and honorable judge that deserves to retain his seat. Without some new faces we will have proven that we can't learn from history. I would like to see Dick Hughes win his race, as well as Walter Griffith, here in the county. In the state races, I hope that Judges Joanie, Judy, and Temp all win.

If you do nothing else tomorrow, please get out to vote!!

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