Monday, September 21, 2009

Steve Corbett and the Luzerne County Court House

It seems everybody else has weighed in on the retention of judges issue. Corbett has unequivocally stated that no judge should be retained. As with most things, he is wrong yet again.

Judge Burke is one of the finest judges we have ever had on the bench in this county. He has done absolutely nothing to warrant the scorn that a half-assed local talk show host has heaped upon him. Judge Burke never went to the condo in Fla. He never associated with the juvie brothers like some other local judges have done. My question is, why is Corbett painting him with the same brush. Is it because Judge Burke is a Republican?? Sure seems like it.

Before anybody puts too much stock into Corbett's opinions you should remember that he thinks Tina Gartley will be the best judge in the universe solely because she has a vagina. That is possibly the dumbest thing to ever escape Corbett's mouth and the good lord knows that he can't go 3 minutes without trying to top himself in the stupid remarks arena.


Anonymous said...

Your comment about Tina Polachek Gartley simply demonstrates what women candidates of integrity and intelligence face in local elections. Your political party should be ashamed of you, even if you have no shame yourself.

Zen said...

Actually, I feel Tina is very qualified to be a judge. Corbett is the guy that keeps saying she should be a judge solely because she is a woman. By the by, I think Tina will win in November.

Anonymous said...

Dont mess with corbett he has the whole valley informed