Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Letter to Arlen Specter

A friend of mine wrote this letter to Arlen. I think it sums up a great many people's feelings. Thanks for sharing J.

Thought you would enjoy reading the email I just sent to ASSHOLE Specter.

Dear Senator,

I must address you as my Senator from PA. now but not for long! I am embarrassed that you represent the great state that I live in. You are only concerned about yourself and NOTHING else! I have never seen a person act the way you are. Maybe you need to get a job with ACORN after all of us proud Pennsylvanians throw you out of office once and for all. It is obvious that you do NOT represent our values anymore and it is time for you to go! I will donate my time and money to see to it that this is your LAST term in office! If you think for one minute that I am the only one that feels this way, you are in for a big surprise, my friend. To the staffer that is reading this, better get your resume out as you will not have your job much longer!

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The Scranton Guardian said...

I hope ACORN helps Specter find his new job.