Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Kanye West is a Jackass!!

President Obama, in a rare fit of honesty, said that Kanye was a jackass. For perhaps the first time, I believe something our current president said.

As usual however, he was only being partially honest. He forgot to mention that the reigning champion worst president of all time, Jimmy Carter, is also a jackass. If you haven't heard by now, the peanut president claims that it is only racism that keeps all whites from embracing and trusting all of Pres. Obama's plans. Mr. Carter, you were born a douchebag and you will die a douchebag without ever having attempted to make up for your douchebaggery. The problem with your theory is that the reason that most people don't trust or believe Pres. Obama is because by his actions and deeds he has not earned it. It has absolutely nothing to do with his race. It has everything to do with people in his own administration already disagreeing with his outright deceptions. They are openly stating that taxes will have to be raised on a lot more than just 1 or even 5% of the wage earners as just one example.

Perhaps it has something to do with Pres. Obama committing to double the national debt before he even hit 8 months in office (it took the RINO Bush 8 years). I can see how that would make any person fearful. Perhaps it is Pres. Obama's continuing relationships with nefarious individuals and entities. say ACORN for example. Bill Ayers and Prof. Gates would also come to mind.

I will however admit that in the instance, I am in complete agreement with our President about Kanye West!!!

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