Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly but not in that order

I take a few days off and seems I missed a few things.

First, as is readily apparent, I am not a fan of Pres. Obama. That said, I find it ridiculous that people are protesting his taped speech to students in the classroom. This is not a precedent. The thing I find truly amazing is that so many people think so little of the President, or outright fear him, that he has evoked this response. Mr. Obama, that is a precedent and perhaps you should catch a clue. Your popularity is going down faster than a bowlful in my Flushmaster 3000 toilet. Mayhap you should alter your positions yet again?

The Health Insurance overhaul wages on. By the way, I wish both sides would call it that as that is what it is. This whole shebang is about yet adding another bureaucracy to our already over-bloated mess we call the federal government. It is not about helping the poor, kids, or the elderly as they will certainly get screwed the worst.

Bonner is out and Dave Yonki wants in. The Yonk, the Yonkster, the Yonk-a-Doodle-Dooooo. You may be surprised, but I am all for it. Mr. Yonki is an intelligent, honorable guy. He and I may not agree on just about anything politically, but Dave, you have my support!!

Michael Steele will be in town tomorrow to open the brand new Headquarters of the Luzerne County Republican Party. The ribbon cutting will be at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. This is a private event for Club GOP members. You can join at the door however I recommend beating the rush and stopping by the new HQ today at 41 South Main St. in Wilkes-Barre. It is conveniently located next to one of my favorite restaurants, Thai Thai!!! I will be at the ceremony tomorrow and hope to see you all there.

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