Friday, July 17, 2009

Vacation and Some Big Things Coming

I will be away for a week or so, please check back in then.

Before I leave the land where computers are common for the land where they still use abacuses (is that the right plural?), I will let a couple of my blogging friends in on some news that I am sure they will share with you. I'll give you just a small hint. After Monday google Michael Steele and check for blog posts. THIS IS GOING TO BE HUGE!!! If you're not a member of Club GOP, you're going to want to be one!!!

The first annual Club GOP picnic is rapidly approaching. It will be held on Aug. 1st at the Harteis Farm in Dallas. There will be a catered meal, beer, soda, live entertainment, and fishing and games. This event is only $25 for adults and kids 6-12 are $5. Club GOP members get a $5. discount!!! For directions and tickets, please call the headquarters 570-208-4671.

The annual summer cocktail party is July 23rd at the Westmoreland Club. Call HQ asap for tickets. This event is $150/person or $250 per couple.

I'll be back soon with my batteries and snark recharged. See you at the picnic!!


The Scranton Guardian said...

Good luck with the picnic !!!

Anonymous said...

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