Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Luzerne County Democratic Elected Officials

Just when you thought we'd get a break from the scandals under the dome, out pops another one.

Democrat Sheriff Savokinas not only has cocaine found in his car but also appears to have broken the chain of evidence with a mess of heroin. Of course he has an explanation for the coke found in his; somebody planted it there. Yep, sounds plausible to me. Although Sheriff, just to put all of our fears to rest, how about submitting to a little drug screen. I recommend they test your hair as that is the best method for a tox screen. That test will show drug use for almost a year after any abuse. What do say Mikey??

As for breaking the chain of evidence with the heroin, guess what? The dealer that it came from will probably walk as that is most likely now inadmissible in court. Smooth move, exlax.

Say what you want about Barry Stankus but I have a very hard time believing that either of those incidents would've happened on his watch.

I know I left out the whole vacation and sick days thing but that is because it isn't just the sheriff but every elected democrat at the courthouse that doesn't know that you are supposed to keep track of those days. Have any of you ever heard of any work place that doesn't keep track of that??? Neither have I!!!

Keep voting straight democrat folks and we will never run out of these scandals.


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mericle does it all of the time (finder fees) you know

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