Thursday, July 9, 2009

Pennsylvania's Budget

The state is still without a budget even though the state senate handed Fat Edward Rendell a balanced budget. That wasn't good enough for our favorite food inhaler. We all must remember that Eddy Rendell has increase the state's budget by nearly 40% in the past 7 years. Like the typical democrat that he is, he just can't see the correlation between his out of control spending and budget deficits. Furthering his stupidity and that of his party, he has decided that he should just raise personal income tax a hefty 16% rather than cut all the fat from the budget. Like I said, typical democrat!!

Governor Rendell has now pulled out the democratic party playbook and is using the press as his weapon of choice. He was in at least 3 papers that I read today firing those same old tired bullets. The poor are being screwed by the rich republicans. The mentally handicapped are being screwed by the evil republicans. Wrong fat ass!! You are screwing them!!


The Scranton Guardian said...

Just say no to Rendell's tax hike !!!

victor said...

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