Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bob Mellow

State Sen. Mellow is the latest in a very long and undistinguished line of local elected democrats to disgrace himself. He has violated state ethics rules by renting his office space from himself. Thereby double dipping in the pot and illegally enriching himself.

Some may say, what's the big deal? I say the big deal is that he stole $200,000 of our tax dollars.

The odds that anything will come of this are slim to none as he is one of the most powerful dems in the state government and at least one member of the ethics commission is his own appointee.

It really is a shame that we keep electing crooks like Kanjo and this douchenozzle.


The Scranton Guardian said...

There may be an ethics investigation coming for Mellow, bloggers got to keep the pressure on Mellow and hope we can damage him for when he comes up for re-election, and where there is smoke, there is fire !!!

Anonymous said...

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