Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I am back and ready to rant

I've been away for a week and believe it or not, I didn't watch the news or read a newspaper while I was away. It turns out that I didn't need to. The same old same old went on and almost nothing has changed.

We got Pres. Jug Ears Obama still trying to push Gigantic Mistake Government Cross Health Insurance. Out of curiosity, I wonder if anybody else has noticed that once again our illustrious head lib in charge wants the most productive 30% of the population to pay for health insurance for the least productive 18%.

Iran is still trying to become a nuclear power and Israel vowing to do everything to stop that. I'll give 8 to 5 on Israel kicking Iran's ass sideways in that fight if anybody would like to place a wager.

Fat Eddie Rendell is still swearing that the budget problems aren't from his wild overspending rather they are from those big mean Republicans in the state Senate that want to cut a bunch of the 40% big fat increase in the budget that Captain Cheesesteak managed to ramp up. I say way to go to the Senate and a hearty thank you for at least trying to rein in the gubner.

On a side note, I got a very nice letter from the GM of Toyota Pavillion at Montage apologizing for the parking situation and the incredibly boorish behavior of a handful of his employees. I just wanted him to see it here that I appreciated the note.

More snark tomorrow, stay tuned!

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