Friday, May 15, 2009

The Primary is May 19th, Please Vote

Just about every pundit out there is saying the voter turnout will be very low. Personally, I can't believe that's going to come true here in Luzerne County. We have 17 people running for judge. That alone should bring quite a few people to the polls. The importance of this election should be obvious to all. We need to put some honest people back into what is arguably the most corrupt courthouse in Pa. if not the whole country. In that vein, I humbly offer my choices for this primary.

For Judge: Dick Hughes and Gene Sperazza

For Controller: Nanda Palissery

Prothonotary: Walter Mitchell

Home Rule: Walter Griffith and take your pick of the rest, but he should be on it.

Sorest Loser: Bob Sypniewski and by extension, the Club for Growth

1 comment:

Nanda Pa said...

Thank you Zen. I appreciate the confidence you have placed in me. You will not be disappointed, I assure you.