Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Yesterday's Primary Election

First, congratulations are in order to the winners. Well done Dick Hughes, Bill Amesbury, Tina Gartley, Walter Griffith, and Carolee Olenginski. I know there were other races, but these were the most important decisions that the voters made. Also congrats to all the Democrat winners as well.

While my first choices for some of the offices didn't win, by and large, at least this was a more or less clean campaign cycle. Most of the people that ran for office at I had the chance to meet and spend some time with and I can tell you that they are all good people. I think we will be very well represented!!

I am very disappointed that only 35% of the electorate showed up to vote. As a community, we need to do a better job of making sure we have a say in who we send to office.

The good news for the remaining judicial candidates is that there will be only three of them running. This will certainly make raising money (the life's blood of campaigning) far easier not to mention the odds are now dramatically better.

I say good luck to all of you.

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