Friday, May 8, 2009

President Obama's Budget Cuts

As a candidate, Obama promised to look at the budget line by line and cut out all the unnecessary spending. As the President, Obama has in fact, looked at the budget and cut all the wasteful spending he could find.

He cut $17 Billion from a $3.4 Trillion budget. Let me break that down for you. He cut .05% from the budget. Still too hard to grasp? Just multiply by .0005. Still hard? Let's say you were going to save for retirement by the same percentage of your gross income. Further, assume you make $1,000. per week gross. You would save a snappy 50 cents per week for retirement.

I think I have had and more importantly, America, has had all the hope and change we can stand. Pres. Obama, in just 100 days, has already committed to spend more than all previous presidents combined. Even the most optimistic analysts say that our national debt will double in just 5 years. The only thing I can guess that would make Obama spend our money this way is that he and Bush have a bet going on to see who can waste more tax dollars, Congrats Barry, you are way ahead and sure to win that bet.

By the way, Helen Keller would've found more to trim from that budget.


MAS1916 said...

Announcement of the budget cuts should have been made Saturday at the press club dinner. That would have gotten more laughs than the jokes about Rush Limbaugh dying.

Conservatives have a lot to work with in their attempt to crawl out of the dungeon we put ourselves into. Liberals will provide the ladder - including such ridiculous escapades as 'cutting the budget' by $17B.

For a top ten list of things conservatives can work with in 2010, you can hit:

Zen said...

thanks for the link!

NEPAExpat said...

What does conservative even mean anymore?

They haven't stood for responsible fiscal policy because the party line became "deficits do not matter". If deficits do not matter, then no one should care that Carlton Banks is putting us on a crash course to fiscal insolvency.

It can be argued that conservatives don't really care about family values. Unfettered markets have put us into this situation. The alcohol was flowing and no one cared to take the keys at the door. Why be surprised when speculation pushed up labor costs and made most of us worse off the last dozen years? The free flow of labor isn't very conducive to the family image pushed by the religious wing of the party.

Finally, conservatives have been weak on national defense. Ever play a game of risk? What happens when you try to spread out your defenses across the world and someone concentrates forces until your troops spread a leak? Fact is, both sides have cared more about the national border of Iraq than our own. Our global military strategy has fallen victim to the very real problem of a lack of resources because we have bitten off more than we can chew.

The party can recover, but you don't treat the patient by letting the cancer that has incapacitated the body spread further. Until there is a widespread change of players, the gap will widen in 2010.