Monday, January 26, 2009

Luzerne County's Finest, Conahan and Ciavarella Plead Guilty

The first of the rats infesting the courthouse are caught and are pleading guilty. I wrote last year that this was coming and am happy that I was right. They are each going to serve 87 months in prison. Granted, it will be a club fed, but prison none the less.

I heard through the grape vine that the next to be pinched will be a certain court administrator that has been on paid leave since August of last year. It seems he accidentally stole a few hundred thousand dollars of confiscated gambling device money. I heard he has been in rehab for an undisclosed addiction. Most likely he was addicted to stupidity.

I am wondering how all the other rats are sleeping these days. You have to bet that Ciavarella and Conahan are dishing the dirt on everybody that is dirty there. If for no other reason than to spread the misery. Certain elected officials that have been granting no-bid contracts come to mind. I truly can't wait!

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