Thursday, January 15, 2009

Israel and Hamas

On Tuesday, we apparently had a pro-Hamas rally in downtown Wilkes-Barre. I really wouldn't have known about it except I listened to Corbett on my commute home yesterday. Well, truth be told, it was Corbett and a few hundred terrorist apologists that called in that I listened too.

I am curious as to what Corbett and said apologists think happened over there. Do they think that one day Israel just decided to launch air and ground assaults in Gaza? Israel began prosecuting this campaign after a few thousand rockets were fired at them. What the fook did Hamas think would happen? They must have forgotten that Israel doesn't fight according to world public opinion like America has since Vietnam. I liken Hamas to the little kid that throws rocks at a hornet nest and can't understand why he got stung.

If you listen to the apologists, you'll hear them all say that only a few Israelis were killed or injured. I ask those farktards, do you really think Hamas wouldn't have liked a higher death toll? If those asshats had ever learned how to shoot or had better weapons systems and killed thousands with the thousands of missiles they have fired, would you still be sympathetic? Would Israel's response still seem over the top?

The one basic fact that the apologists/sympathizers always seem to forget is that only one of the belligerents in this conflict has sworn to totally eradicate the other. Hamas has always stated that as their dearest wish, not Israel. Another basic difference between the two is that Israel doesn't store and fire their weapons while surrounded by women and children to insure casualty counts designed to garner world sympathy.

Perhaps we should have Jimmy Carter go give the terrorist leaders a handjob again and see if they settle down or maybe Israel should just wipe them right the fook out and be done with it.


kar said...

Hamas sets up shop in residential areas, they store weapons in Mosques, schools, hospitals and anywhere else they think they can safely hide them. They do this with no regard for the people who live in those areas.

Israel takes extraordinary care to ensure the safety of non-combatants, going as far as dropping leaflets and making cell phone calls to the areas about to be targeted.

Israel doesn't encourage young men and women to strap bombs on themselves to become martyrs, Israel doesn't practice indiscriminate retaliation.

Look over rhe history of Hamas & Israel, see who has violtaed every truce ever brokered between them, I'll give you a clue, it isn't Israel.

Sherman practiced unconditional war in his march to the sea. His idea was to make the thought of future conflict so unappealing that the residents of the south would think twice about ever engaging in armed conflict.

Israel is sending a message, a powerful message to the residents of Gaza...get Hamas out or we will do it for you.


Aurora said...

Kevin is right on target in everything he has said. However, you'll see absolutely none of this in the mainstream media and unfortunately the thinking of the world is almost completely built upon that all pervasive voice, hammering at the heads of the masses drowning out all dissent. Israel is 'guilty' because the MSM has declared it so. Who cares about anything so inconsequential as justice and truth?