Tuesday, July 29, 2008

They don't have anything better to do?

Today, a genius liberal, left wing douche swilling scumbag, proposed that the federal government apologize to black folks for slavery. Do these fooking asskissers have nothing better to do? How about 4 buck a gallon gas? Heating oil prices? fuck that, let's focus on a bullshit issue. We pay these fooking wankers for this?????????? I have a novel idea, anybody that wants reparations can have a choice. A one way ticket back to the motherland or zilch. I can say this because I can trace my family roots before the revolution. As a matter of fact, on my father's side I can go back to the Shoshone tribe of American Indians. On my mother's side, my family has been here long before the Am. Revolution. As a pure matter of fact, you all owe me money. My family never owned slaves. They never wanted to own slaves. I think we should be paid for the lost income of not having slaves. Am I a bad person?? Am I a racist??? For Christ's sake, read the courthouse briefs in the paper.

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