Friday, July 4, 2008

I saw something interesting in the paper today

While reading the reassessment articles, a glaring tidbit caught my attention. Former county commissioner Todd Vonderheid owns a house worth over $600,000. I know I've wondered in the past how Toddy could afford to join Huntsville Golf Club on his whopping $42,000 salary but this just blows me away. A $600k house on that salary?? How in the hell is that fookin possible??????? Also it's been reassessed for nearly $100,000 less than he is asking for it. Nope, no political influence here. Gag!!!!!!

Another interesting bit, Gregggy Skrep's Insignia Point townhouse is worth $30-40,000 less than his neighbors identical units. I am quite certain that this must not have anything to do with political influence. Snort!!!!!!!

Happy Independence Day to all of you!! Be safe and don't get too plowed!

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NEPAConseravtive said...

I understand many of our local politicians homes are "under valued". I wonder if they will ask for an informal hearing to raise them ?