Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kanjorski channels Richard Nixon on Corbett

Did anybody hear the prince of pork on Corbett?? Please allow me to some it up. Cornerstone Technologies was completely legitimate and his nephews did not make a profit on the nearly 10,000,000 tax dollars that he funnelled to them. He then when on to speak in the third person and declared that Paul Kanjorski is not a crook. Good, holy mother of God, what a glowing specimen of a yeast infection he is. Mr. Kanjorski, just because your fellow democrat cronies let you off the hook for pulling this caper does not release you from culpability. You sir, are in fact, a crook. You stole every taxpayer in America's money and gave it to your family members. Maybe on your home world there's nothing wrong with that, but here on Earth it makes you a scumbag.


NEPAConseravtive said...


I hope they post it on their site to listen to. I missed it !!!

I did hear noodle brain say after the interview that even though he doesn't agree with much of what Kanjorski does, he still wont supprt Barletta because he doesn't want ANY republicans to win.

Boy, he's pretty freakin dense !

Zen said...

Corbett is a typical socialist cockbreath. Regardless of what is best for America dogs of his ilk will do anything to perpetuate the terminal nanny state where redistribution of wealth and overwhelming government are the law of the land.

Enigma said...

Hey Zen, excellent (and funny) post. Would you like to post it and links to your site over in our forum?

Join up and post away. Nepa and I are working on a project where bloggers of any stripe can have their own little area and share their posts as an enhancement of their blog. We still need to put a button together etc. But feel free to RANT away on Corbutt over their with us...later


Zen said...

Not real big on forums but feel free to cross post anything of mine you like.