Wednesday, July 23, 2008

I am away this week but I must rant

Occasionally in this life, we all get to the point when we need to take a little time for ourselves. That time for me is this week. I made a commitment to take a few friends golfing at my club that would otherwise never have a chance to play there. By doing so, I passed up my chance to have lunch with John McCain. I would dearly have loved to be at that lunch, but in this world, all you have is your word. I gave my word and kept it as I have done for all of my adult life. Perhaps if the lefties learned what it means to be a man of your word, regardless of sacrifice, the world would be a lot better place.

We have become a nation of people with their hand out. We know longer remember J.F.K.'s words. We now, as a whole, ask what our country can do for us. I say that the tyranny of me first will destroy our nation. I say that the governmental institution of forcing our manufacturers offshore weakens us. I say that the bullshit term of "Free Trade" kills us. You see that we offer free trade to other nations and they dump(if you don't know what dump means, please stop wasting our atmosphere by breathing) their goods here. Those same countries do not allow our products to be fairly marketed.

We were once the big dog on the planet producing and shipping goods worldwide. That is what made us a superpower. I say those days are gone and going even farther. Please tell me any major purchase you want to make that is 100% American made. Did you guess Chevy, Ford, Dodge? You would be wrong. America is just about the largest consumer on the planet. What happened to the customer is always right?? Why are we letting these countries dictate our country's internal policy?? We, as a nation, should be negotiating from a position of strength. Instead, we allow third-world shit holes to become our overlords. The big question is WHY?????????????

Barry, John, please tell me why. Tell me like I'm a third grader so I understand. Tell all of us why you are letting this happen. Kanjo, you piece of dog puke, why? Carney, you ultimate lap dog, why? Obama, you not sure what you are, why?

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Right Winger said...

Very well said Zen. I couldn't agree more.
It is very disheartening.