Monday, May 12, 2008

Luzerne County Elected Officials Bad at Math

Please click the link, read the article, then read this. Our cornhole commissioners actually got us into this deal. They want us all to believe that they actually thought that paying $58,000,000 over a 20 year lease made more sense than owning the facility for $8,000,000. For those that may not be as good at math as I happen to be and also for those who are as tragically bad at math like Scrapheap and former comm. Vonderhideyourwallett; The lease is essentially $2.9 million per year for twenty years. Now, had these flunkies actually ever been to a math class they could've figured out that buying for $8. million would've cost $1.92 million for 5 years had they took a 5 year loan. Yes I included generous interest in that payment. How in the holy vermilion hells can anybody think that lease was a good idea??? Nobody is this fookin stupid!!!So what explains it?? I would like a forensic accountant to look into Scrap and Todd's personal finances. Can anyone say offshore accounts? Does the name Cayman Islands ring a bell? Does this answer the question of how a $42,000 per year earning commissioner could afford to join Huntsville Golf Club? The above pic illustrates the math skills of the fecal impactions that got us into this mess for their own profit.

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