Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Today, we buried my wife's cousin. The unbelievable outpouring of public support was a sight I have never seen in my 40+ years. The number of mourners was staggering. They actually had to close every road that was involved in the procession. To all who came with the purest of intentions, THANK YOU!!!!

It is notable that many local politicos were there. To Mike Carroll, thank you. To Paul Kanjorski, thank you for coming. To the Flag Officers that made the journey, thank you. To the Patriot Guard, you are the best in my book and thank you. To Rev. F.H. (fark head) Phelps, thanks for not showing up but I really wish you would've, I hear our ER's have been quiet lately and the Doc's could've used the practice. To the general public, well done!!!!!!!!!

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