Wednesday, September 26, 2012

An Open Letter to Every Congressperson, Senator, and Pres. Obama

Instead of playing politics and scare tactics with Social Security, why don't you just fix it?

Here I am just a simple blogger from East Nowhere, Pa and I have the solution that should easily win bi-partisan approval. It is so simple it is scary. 

To save the program, remove the income limitation (currently $110,100) and make every dollar earned subject to withholding and declare that anybody with a net worth exceeding $5 million cannot collect the benefit. Can anybody really and truly argue against this?

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Stephen Albert said...

Here's the argument against it: since the benefit is capped in Social Security, it's an issue of fairness that the amount of income which is taxed is capped as well.

For the record I do agree with lifting the cap...all earned income should be taxed for Social Security. I'm not as sure about eliminating the benefit for those with a high net worth, but that's only because I haven't really thought about it.

Thanks for touching "the third rail".