Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Luzerne County Tax Increase

In a move that surprised absolutely nobody, our glorious commissioners have raised property taxes by the maximum allowed by law. This will be the first of many yearly increases.

The lone vote against the increase was by none other than Greggy Skrepenak who also happened to utter the most staggeringly stupid comment of 2008. He actually said "The purpose of the reassessment was not to increase tax revenue". What in the hell was it for? Tax fairness? What a sick joke. Of course the purpose was to increase tax revenue by bringing property values up to date. What did Greg think would happen when properties that haven't been reassessed in over 40 years get brought into line? Tax decreases? In the words of Bugs Bunny, What a maroon!!!

I supported the reassessment and still do. What I want the county to do is to start trimming the fat. I know you want an example or two so here's a couple;
1. Let's get rid of certain park managers that only work 1 day per week for a bit over $40k per year.
2. Let's look at certain departments cough, Recorder of deeds, cough that have 5 managers and one worker. Does it really take that many to manage one person?
3. Examine every department and get rid of all the extra positions, like cough Sam Guesto, cough.

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JediMaster9780 said...

Hmmm for once I agree with you. Let's cut the positions that are unnecessary, the jobs we don't need. The reassessment was needed. I have no sympathy for those fat cat's in those big houses who are pissed that they have to now pay what they should have been paying.