Friday, December 12, 2008

The UAW Kills the Auto Industry Bailout

In a totally not surprising move, the union refused to make any concessions thereby killing this ridiculous plan. Perhaps the union needs a history lesson. Take a look right here in NEPA. Techniglass begged the union there for concessions for three years. The union refused and actually asked for more from the company each and every year for those three years. Where is Techniglass now? That's right, the company closed the local plant. I know, no big deal, right? Wrong!! Down the drain went a couple thousand very good jobs from the area.

The funny thing is, they were only asked to match the non-union shops pay scale. How much of a cut were they asked to take from their hourly rate? Nothing. The concessions were to the pension and benefits plan. I hope they are happy as clams when they are unemployed. The other funny thing is, I would bet if the union members were allowed a choice to either keep their jobs by making concessions or lose them by refusing, I would bet a huge sum that they would want to keep their jobs. The union leaders and negotiators did the country a favor and a great disservice to their membership.


Snerd (hilarysfatlegs at gmail dot com) said...

According to Nancy and Kevin today on WILK, the bailout is merely a Jobs Bill, and dammit, those evil Republicans have no business blocking this.

Now to reality: would the rank and file rather keep their current pay structure and lose their jobs in several months, or take a pay cut and keep their jobs? Kevin alluded to this, but wouldn't apply it to this situation.

And it's not the union's fault; it's the evillll car makers in Detroit not listening to Nancy and Kevin's advice that they should be building "green cars".

More reality: you are absolutely correct about the unions screwing themselves. Pretty soon, there won't be any industry left in the country for the unions to shake down.

JediMaster9780 said...

From what I heard is that Republicans wanted the UAW to take wage cuts to be akin to those of Japanese automakers.

How much to UAW authomakers make and how much do their Japanese competitors make?

Does anyone know that?

The Intellectual Redneck said...

Ever wonder what a UAW contract looks like? It is over 2200 pages and weighs 22 pounds. It no wonder the big three can not compete in the global market. Honda and Toyota don't have to deal with that kind of crap. It would take a team of lawyers just to understand this document. 2215 pages of inefficiency brought to you by the UAW

Anonymous said...

UAW workers make $28 per hour. Non-union Toyota employees make $30.