Friday, October 2, 2009

The International Olympic Committee is a Racist Organization

It is hard to believe they could be so openly racist. They have told our president that they disagree with him and that Chicago will not be in the running to host the Olympic Games!!

While the majority of Chicagoans are rejoicing in not being saddled with billions of dollars of debt, I think the IOC should be chastised for being racists just like everybody else that disagrees with Pres. Obama!!


Rightwinger said...

Hey now, not agreeing with him does not make them racist. Not agreeing with Obama and Oprah at the same time, that's what makes them racist.
I could see the headlines if this happened during Bush's presidency.
"World Shuns America to Show Disgust with President Bush"

Anonymous said...

Zen, You are one hell of an Idiot. with republicans like you who needs enemies. why don't your take your dick out of your hand stop jerking off and try to learn a thing or too you simpleton.