Thursday, October 22, 2009

Government Run Businesses

Months ago, we all heard the president say that our government was not going to run the businesses that so wrongly were bailed out with our tax dollars (actually, with our future debt). Now, the government is in fact, managing those companies. Whether you think those executives don't deserve what they are paid or not, the fact is the Obama administration is calling the shots at those companies. They have in effect, been completely taken over by our government. You know which leader of a country recently did the same thing? Hugo Chavez.

Is that really what we want America to become???


Anonymous said...

you are either troll or a first class idiot. whatever our county becomes hopefully you won't be involved. that Idiot Bush created this mess with his negligence and turning a blind eye to the largest financial malpractice in history and spent the first billions on the bailout. most companies are paying the money back with interest- perhaps you should do some real reading and do your own analysis your own thinking and not let right wing nut jobs drag you down hook line and sinker.

Snerd said...

Zen: did you see that Kanjorski voted (in a committee vote) to allow ACORN regulatory authority over financial institutions? Of course, the local media would NEVER cover that.

Zen said...

Anon 1:28, you must have the IQ of a stump. Did Bush help create this recession? Absolutely!! Under Pres. Obama's wonderful leadership, have things gone from bad to many times worse? Absolutely!!

There is no disputing that usualy, whoever is running a company decides what the company pays its employees. Obviously, our government has taken over active management of those companies when they decided to set employee compensation. That is in fact what Chavez did in his country. You cannot possibly dispute that.

It is because of morons like you that a death blow has been delivered to our country and you are so fooking stupid that you embrace it. Piss off stooge.

Anonymous said...

I think that you will find that those who really want what is best for this country will agree that Bush got the ball rolling. Obama just likes to push things a little faster. A lot of those banks that are paying back the money they got never wanted it in the first place. I am sure having it forced on them was to insure that they could say look at how these banks are paying it back.

A lot of them got into such deep trouble with the encouragement of those in power and the one who wanted to extend the most careless loans were the Dem's. The Reps probably were not about to stop them.

All this spending was done so haphazardly that we all should be ready to drag the whole lot of them out of DC.

When you do the math they do what anyone can do but do it at 3 or 5 times what it should cost. And now you believe that they will improve the health care in this country. I wish I could laugh at how outrageous that claim is but I fear that it really will push us past the tipping point where things will have to get really bad before things can improve.