Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Farmer in Plains

First, let me say it again, Kevin Lynn is a jackass.

Okay, now that's out of the way, here is my point of view. The people that were robbing the farmer in Plains were not there to get some veggies for dinner. As reported in the Times Leader and Citizens Voice, they had a van full of produce. This would shoot holes in their story of just being hungry to any rational person. They were stealing with intent to sell their swag. Regardless of what they were stealing, they WERE STEALING!!!

Think the farmer was wrong? Let me ask you this; You're soundly sleeping when noises from your kitchen awaken you. You leave your bedroom and check the kids. They are in their beds sleeping. You hear the noise from your kitchen again and proceed to find the source. Upon entering your kitchen, you see somebody loading your canned goods into boxes. What would you do? If you were armed (even with a baseball bat), would you detain them? Would you attack them? Or as Kevin Lynn suggests, would you say "Oh, you're only stealing canned goods, sorry to disturb you". Then you just go back to bed. I posit that only somebody with an IQ below 40 would take Kevin's suggestion.

You see, I think that your property is your property and not to be violated by any one. Stealing is stealing regardless of what is being stolen. Don't want somebody to point a gun at you for invading their property? How about not invading their property in the first farking place?? Sounds like a very simple concept to me.

Having grown up very poor and many of the veggies we ate we either grew or was given to us by farmers, perhaps I am not believing the thieves side of this story. Farmers are among the hardest working, most generous people I know. I've never heard of any farmer that wouldn't help a hungry person and doubt I ever will.

I leave you with just one thought. You should never curse a farmer with your mouth full!!


donkeybrew4u said...

Wow! You said excactly what I felt but couln't put to words. Absolute common sense! I know that I, for one, am going to stop by to tell larry that I support him totally. My family buys all flowers and veggies to plant in our yard/garden. I can say w/out a doubt, everyone there busts there patooty to do a good job and are nothing but friendly and helpful. GOD BLESS THEM>

Snerd said...

Kevin Lynn is the being a jackass.