Thursday, June 3, 2010

Joe Sestak tells Obama to pound sand

Joe Sestak told Obama that he is too busy to bother attending an Obama Rah Rah Rally. Usually, a candidate will do anything to attend a rally with a sitting president from the same party and sometimes even from the opposite party. It is a great way to gather support and money. Unfortunately for Obama, Sestak's campaign has come to the conclusion that the special kool aid has worn off in all but the most deluded of voters and that being seen with the worst president in our country's history could only harm his campaign.

I wish he would attend with Obama as I certainly do not want him to be our next senator and anything that would hurt his chances of winning is a good thing in my book. That being said, I do admire his fortitude to tell the sitting US President to go pound sand straight up his ass.

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