Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Joe Sestak and Marcellus Shale

First, I'd like to thank the retired Admiral for his service to our country. That said, I have just three points I'd like to make after listening to Mr. Sestak on WILK for the last couple of days. In no particular order:

1. Mr. Sestak, are you aware of what office you are running for? I was under the impression it was for a seat in the United States Senate. After listening to you pontificate about gas drilling it sure sounded to me like you wanted to be a policy maker in Harrisburg. The US Senate makes policy for the country not individual states. The US Senate does not write policy for the state's various departments. I assume you knew that Joe so I must also assume you were pandering like a $3. whore.

2. Mr. Sestak also played the same song we are all tired of and nobody with the exception of the mentally challenged believes any more. By taxing the gas we will all get a tax break. Did we not just hear that about the casinos? Did it come true?? Of course not, this is just more pandering but this time it is like a $1. whore. This will never happen. When the government gets a windfall of tax dollars the last thing they would ever consider is cutting any taxes. They will simply find a way to spend that money on something else. In Pennsylvania's case, I will go out on a limb and guess that SEPTA and Allegheny County's transit authority will get even more funding from people that have not and never will use their services.

3. Mr. Sestak played yet another tired ditty for us. He is for the working families in this great state. It seems any Demoncrat running for any office just has to play this song for us. It is in fact a bald faced lie and in this instance an easily provable lie. Mr. Sestak, hereafter referred to laughingly as the champion of the poor, wants to tax the living shit out of the Marcellus Shale gas. (I am for this, by the way, just do NOT insult my intelligence by telling me the only reason you want to tax it is to so you can cut my taxes. I'm not that stupid and truly hope nobody else is either). How do we know it is an all out lie from the Champion of the Poor? Quite simple. Corporations do not pay tax per se. When they are taxed they account for that as an expense. As an expense, they adjust the cost of their product to reflect that higher cost. For the slow, that means their product will cost the consumer more money. I ask you, who is most affected by a product costing more? Here is a hint, it isn't the rich. That's right, the good old champion of the poor is really just out to screw them without so much as a kiss first. This is becoming ever more common with soft taxes that are in fact hurting the poor tremendously and have absolutely no effect on the rich. Like the tax on sugary drinks (also brought to us by the champions of the poor), who is it affecting? Mr. Sestak is not on the working family's side, he is on Joe Sestak's side and is hoping to baffle you with bullshit.

Mr. Sestak did have a lot of good suggestions about regulatory issues with the shale gas but the suggestions he made do not fall under the purview of a US Senator. The fact that Sestak openly and freely admits that he is backing Pres. Obama's agenda all the way is enough reason not to vote for him. His total lack of understanding what a US Senator's job duties are is another. His most unforgivable sin though is his pandering like a cheap whore.


NEPAConservative said...

Higher cost products: Aghhh you hit the nail on the head …. the stealth tax. This is true of the Obama tax cut. Energy, smokes, gas... any increase in federal tax anywhere IS A TAX INCREASE. I wonder if they consider an increase on the wealthiest 1% a tax cut for the middle class??? Just trying to follow progressive logic.

I wrote Sleestack off as a Looney Tune when I heard him on WILK a few months back. He was running against Specter. His main attack point was George W. Bush. “Did you know that Arlen Specter supported George W Bush?” Holy shit you’ve got to be kidding me!!! I'm sorry but any politician in 2010 that seems to think it's OK to run against a guy that's pretty much been out of power since 2006 is nothing more than a political hack and as you so eloquently put it and fitty cent whore!

Anonymous said...

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