Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's been a long break

Now I'm back. Unfortunately, there is so much going on it's hard to start.

I could talk about AJ and Bobby but that was old news long before they were indicted. Hell, we all knew that was coming!

I could write about Obamacare but I wrote long ago that it was going to pass whether the people wanted it or not. Point of fact, the vast majority do not want it but why the hell would that stop congress? They(and I mean both parties) haven't listened to their constituents for decades. Why start now? That brings me to what I am going to write about, the tyranny of the minority.

Our government was set up to prevent mob rule. What has in fact happened is the exact opposite. Now even spotted owls have more rights than people. Why? because a very vocal minority of people wanted them protected at all costs regardless of the impact it would have on peoples lives. Does it affect me? No, I'm not a logger but you can bet your last cent that quite a few in the logging industry were adversely affected.

I may be pretty far to the right politically but have always stood up for minority rights. Perhaps not critters over humans but you get the point. Now we have our wonderful President and his administration forcing one very small minority to pay for another very small minority's health insurance. Speaking of which, we already were. News flash, ever here of medicaid? SCHIP? Medicare? The fact is, we don't deny health care to anybody, period. You may not get a Rolls Royce when all you can afford is a Hyundai but that is how the world works.

The trouble with writing about Obamacare is that nobody knows exactly what's in the bill. Kind of troubling that our elected leaders will be passing something that they have zero clue what it is.

I will say that there are some things that I truly want to see in this atrocity. I want absolute protection for people from their insurance company so that they can't be cancelled because they got sick. I want health insurance to be portable not just from job to job but from state to state as well. I want everybody to help pay for it and I do mean everybody. I want an affordable option for people that don't get insurance from their employer. I want the first subscribers to be all of Congress, the President, and all federal employees.

That being said, here is what I DO NOT WANT to see. Tax dollars paying for abortions. tax dollars paying for illegal aliens health care. As a matter of fact, unless it is a life-threatening emergency, I think that they should be turned away from our Er's(which if you didn't know, is their primary care provider and they never ever pay the bill for it). The provision protecting the so called Cadillac plans of the unions better not be in their (it will be). Death panels (they'll be there too in the form of a bureaucracy that will decide the best level of care for you). Only time will tell but I am willing to bet very few people are going to be happy with this boondoggle.

As always, I welcome your thoughts.


Brittanicus said...

Alert! Tell Washington that the pro-amnesty rally does not represent you... or most Americans!

This weekend will be a historical turning point in the illegal alien occupation of our country. We as Americans can stand back disinterested and watch, or do the right thing for 15 million US jobless labor force that is climbing to new heights? ITS INCORRIGIBLE that our President-Senate-House would try to pass a suspect CIR (AMNESTY) when Americans are hurting. Legal residents who entered the country through the main gate and didn't slither through the darkness past the under manned personnel of the US Border Patrol, should also join our ranks.. This weekend thousands of foreign nationals who are demanding rights to live here, when in the first place they cheated THE PEOPLE'S sovereign laws. They are being bussed to Washington, paid for parasite wealthy corporate owners, faith organizations, scab unions, so called non-profit foundations. BUT WE HAVE A RIGHT AS AMERICANS, TO LOBBY OUR LEGISLATORS. In addition Patriotic Americans are going to jam the switchboards at 202-224-3121. YOU CAN TOO?

Numbersusa. needs your--URGENT--assistance, whether you are member of the million citizen or resident plus pro-sovereignty anti-illegal immigrant organization. Remember this is a prelude to President Obama's Amnesty, that you will end up paying for as a taxpayer? Billions of your dollars will be committed from your paycheck to pay for processing these people, unifying their family members and the next rush to the borders or airlines, for expecting a third future amnesty. You will not only be squeezed for more money to pay for there health care, for their crippled and sick, but education for there children and incarceration of the criminal element, which has soared. With the legitimized settlement of at least 20 to 30 thousand, that will easily expand to 60 million more as families will be able to join those already here. THIS WILL BE THE BEGINNING OF UNSUSTAINABLE POPULATION GROWTH. THEN THEIR ARE THOSE POOR, DESPERATE, DESTITUTE WHO WILL TRY TO REACH OUR NATION, BEFORE THE NEW LAW IS SIGNED? Wonderful profit margins for businesses, but not for the US Taxpayer. Currently our schools are suffering terribly, crammed to the limit in the Sanctuary State of California. The majority of states right now are overrun by this spreading pandemic of red ink. Costing unaccountable dollars and tenuously balancing government entitlements for our own poverty stricken citizens.

NumbersUSA is mobilizing there members in assisting in stopping every amnesty since 2000, and now revving up resources to do the same this time around. Starting FRIDAY (3/19) NumbersUSA on Day 1 will be begin a nationwide effort for activists to visit Member's local Congressional offices at 1:30 p.m. EDT with a signed letter.SATURDAY (3/20) -- On Day 2, they will launch our faxing and petition campaign. When the Members return to their Washington offices, we need them to see your HUGE RESPONSE. It's also a Social Networking Day, so they want members to join them on Face book and Twitter.SUNDAY (3/21) - Day 3, the pro-amnesty organizers will host their rally on the National Mall in Washington D.C., and many anti-immigration organizations will appear there too. MONDAY (3/22) - Day 4, it's NumbersUSA National Call Campaign. The pro-amnesty supporters will be walking the halls of Congress urging Members to pass an amnesty. So It will be very important for patriotic Americans make their phone calls and have the Capitol office phones ringing incessantly during their visit. Find all this information and more at Numbersusa You can also harass your Senator at 202-224-3121. jamming the switchboards in the capitol.

Anonymous said...

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Ein Reich

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Deno Pantelakos said...

Welcome Back Zen !

Zen said...

thank you Deno

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