Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Back door deals and Obamacare

I am sincerely curious as to when the media will start reporting exactly what was promised to whom for their votes in favor of this bill. That being said, I want to write a little bit about our own congress critter from the 10th here in Pa., Chris Carney.

It was reported in the Times Leader that Mr. Carney was promised Jack Murtha's seat on Appropriations for a yes vote. No secret there but I heard an interesting rumor that I thought I'd share. It appears Mr. Carney was not only offered a carrot but a stick as well from the Obama administration.

My question to Mr. Carney is; Why not tell the public about the threat? Personally, I don't think you deserved that action Chris. I mean after all the late nights working extremely hard and working up a sweat that you and your chief of staff put into research, it just isn't right. Please don't misunderstand, I still think Mr. Carney is Pelosi's bitch (he has proven this 91% of the time) and certainly doesn't deserve to retain the seat, but right is right and fair is fair. All those late night, early morning, and even some afternoon work sessions should be recognized. The media should report on it so your dedication can be shown to the public. What do you say Chris?


Anonymous said...

Chris and April
Sittin in a tree
first comes lust
then comes divorce
then comes Chris all out of sorts

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