Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mud, mud, and more mud

I've been travelling and just got back to good old NEPA. Fortunately, it seems the only thing I've missed is the all out assault on Meuser. The current attack scheme is centered around an event that happened in 1996. (I know the paper says 1997 but that was when it was settled not when the infraction occurred). I've already written about it and won't bother to do so again. What I do want to write about is the piece in the Times Liberal today about the "illegals". I wonder who has the juice in this race to get that in the paper. Sorry, Mr. Hackett, but I doubt you do. This was definitely the workings of Pelosi's Pet. My question to you Sir (pronounced cur), is this the best mud you can come up with? I would think a former intelligence officer would be able to come up with something a little juicier. I mean after all, according to your own party you gave false intelligence to the President of these United States, Congress, and the Senate. Can't you make up something that titillates the mouth breathers even more? Can't you do a little better Lt. Commander? I hope you do read this as I would love to read Pelosi's, I mean your response.


Anonymous said...

you and kar must be the same person. how can you defend this.

Zen said...

because it's a non-issue. I am not kar. get a life loser.

kar said...

I don't know Zen, so I can say with a certain amout of certainty that he is not me.

I do agree however that this "issue" is a non-starter, it only reinforces the notion that the Hackett team is desperate.