Friday, March 28, 2008

Holy glass houses and stones Batman!!!!

The story of the year has got to be Chris Hackett employing an illegal alien and not reporting her when he found out her status. His hatchet men have been attacking Meuser relentlessly over the same issue. The difference here is that Chris hired this woman himself. She worked in his home. He paid her by check but didn't withhold any taxes. Tell me Chris, did you 10-99 her for last years wages??? I bet not. Taking the story to the next logical step, he tells the paper that his temp agency occasionally hears from the authorities regarding people he employed with fraudulent social security numbers. I have just two questions about that. 1. How many times is occasionally? and 2. If, as you claim, Meuser's company should've caught fraudulent social security numbers before hiring anybody, how come your company can't?


Anonymous said...

pay to play, not news!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good points. He needs to be called out about this but it's like the media is giving him a pass. They're trying to hard to get Meuser.