Saturday, December 29, 2007

My $.02 on the 10th

As has been discussed on better blogs than this, Mr. Swiderski has had to reveal a painful event in his life. He admitted he declared bankruptcy. As a small guy myself, I have been close to bankruptcy myself. Fortunately, I was able to work my way out of it. I remember vividly the pain and humiliation I felt when I was in that stage of my life. The reality is, that in biz, sometimes you have to make very hard choices. The worse reality is that in politics, every aspect of your life is held up to scrutiny that no normal person would ever want focused on their own life. Every person on this planet has things in their past that they aren't proud of. That said, isn't it amazing that the average joe or jane revels in the misfortune of someone in the public eye? You can blame it on reality TV, but I think it speaks volumes about our society as a whole. When the sad events of another persons life are what brings you joy, you are truly a waste of space and atmosphere.

The reality is that Mr. Swiderski had very little chance of winning in the 10th as he does not have the money raising capacity of the 2 front runners. Let's face facts, to win this seat, you need major money and Meuser and Hackett have more money in their front pocket than Mr. S was likely to raise. I really don't know which of the front runners is the right man for the job and certainly won't endorse either until I see them debate. I know both of them very well and for many years. They are both intelligent, well spoken, and far and away, better set to represent our district than Pelosi's lap dog. By the way, does anybody have a pic of Carney curled up at her feet with her scratching him behind the ears???? There is a reward for that pic!!!!!!!!!!!

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