Thursday, November 1, 2012

Aaron Kaufer vs Phyllis Mundy

What a fight this one in shaping up to be!! In the challenger's corner we have Aaron " The Whippersnapper" Kaufer weighing in at "too young and inexperienced for the job" but with a likability that just can't be beat. In the champion's corner, we have Phyllis "the Princess of Pensions, the Pig of Pay Raises" Mundy weighing in at a super-heavyweight of 2 decades in office and the questionable ethos of a career politician.

This fight is a lot closer than the incumbent wanted. I've met both candidates running and both happen to be nice people. Why am I favoring Kaufer? Simple, he hasn't been there creating the problems our state faces for the last 2 decades. The same cannot be said of Phyllis Mundy. If for no other reason than that, Kaufer deserves your vote!

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