Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Pennsylvania Governor Race

The choice here is quite simple. You can either vote for Tom Corbett or for four more years of Ed Rendell. I think we can all agree that Rendell's governorship has been a disaster. Even Rendell is now on the air saying that whoever gets voted in will be saying how much debt he left them to deal with. Dan Onorato is in lock step with Rendell's core methodology of tax some and spend a lot.

I know many people are for the gas tax. I am too!! Just not the way Rendell was going to do it. By the by, you all know who will be paying that tax, don't you? If you guessed the gas companies please do the world a favor and don't reproduce. This tax will be a "soft" tax on everybody that uses natural gas. The cost of it will be passed right onto us. He was going to use nearly 70% of that tax to simply add more revenue to the general fund for you guessed it, more spending. This from a douchenozzle that increased the state budget by 40% in just 8 years. I don't know about you, but I certainly am not making or spending 40% more than I did 8 years ago. Is anybody??? The reality is, just like the supposed good use of all the casino tax revenue for us lowly taxpayers, this revenue stream would be of little or no use to the residents of the state. In all likelihood it would've gone to Philadelphia and Allegheny counties not to the areas that will need help with their infrastructure where the drilling is occurring.

There is a lot of money coming into the state from the gas already. There should be an extraction tax and that revenue should stay in the areas where they are drilling.


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