Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2 More Democrat Senators on the way out

Sens. Chris Dodd and Byron Dorgan have seen the writing on the wall and have decided to retire rather than face stunning defeat in their re-election races. I say good riddance. In Dodd's case, he can certainly take a large share of blame for the current financial crisis.

I find it hilarious that these two Douchebags know that because of what they did and their party is doing that they cannot possibly hope to win!!! Keep up the good work Pres. Obama and pretty soon you'll have cleaned out the majority of the dems in congress!!


Anonymous said...

Where were the critics during the 8 years of Bush? When will people realize that in Washington, the politicians only disagree for the cameras. Otherwise, they are great drinking buddies and together, enjoy the public trough.

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